1/20 Ohmu from Nausicaa with LED lights

1/20 Ohmu from Nausicaa with LED lights

My next project is the 1/20 Ohmu from Nausicaa,  originally made by Tsukuda Hobby and retooled by Bandai:

It is a very inexpensive kit but I plan to install LED inside. Here is the main body snapped:

I bought these LEDs online, it’s cheaper to solder yourself, but I won’t bother myself with that:

The scaffolding within the body has been hollowed out, and the entire LED unit just fits:

Drilling bigger holes to fit the LED heads through:

I’m going to display the model with blue eyes, and I think the red LED will shine through it no problem:

Further hollowed out the body, now only the absolutely necessary support beams remain:

Cemented the 60~ legs:

Cemented the entire exoskelton and got a little diorama base:

Applied Tamiya putty to fill the gaps:

Took the Ohmu outside and primed it with Tamiya 1000:

Back home, underside view:

Rescribing lines at puttied seam:

Creating bumpy texture with sticky tack at posterior end of exoskeleton:

After priming…looks okay; will make it more natural later:

Painted the rest of the eyes on the runner:

Sprayed the primary deep green body color:

Applying a generous amount of black enamel:

After panel line wash:

Although the scale of this model is that of a baby Ohmu, I wanted mine to portray one that is aged with still a bit of that shiny/iridescent characteristic of exoskeletons remaining. So I applied MGM powder (a cheaper version of Kosutte Ginsan):

And using a sponge, some copper and red brown:

And the finished product:

The LEDs have been painstakingly attached with super glue and sticky tack. I advise anyone considering lighting this kit as a future project to install the LEDs beforehand.

Here is the finished kit: Ohmu