1/144 Knight of Gold AT (Patraqushe Mirage)

The Patraqushe Mirage, also known as Knight of Gold AT or Knight of Gold 2, is the second Knight of Gold built by Amaterasu and named after the island origin of the Floating Temple. In JC4100, it lost to the Junchoon in a legendary battle. This kit holds certain sentimental value as both my first painted kit and first Five Star Stories kit. The age of this kit meant that I had to add pla-plates and fill some gaps. Despite the challenges, I learned a lot and had fun in the end. Still, I don’t recommend this kit, or any of Wave’s old 1/144 and 1/100 lineup. If you want to build an injection plastic Knight of Gold, try the 1/144 Ver.3 from Wave.

Mr. Surfacer 1000, TS-21 Gold, X-28 Park Green, X-10 Gun Metal, X-F6 Copper, Mr. Super Clear gloss, Testor Black enamel, decals, Future polish

Completed on: July 2011


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