Volume 8

The next part of this arc takes place well over 100 years into the future on the planet Addler. At an encampment, a young man rides up and asks about someone named Label. Not finding him, they send someone to go get him. A young lady has just rousted him from his sleep as Amateratsu is about to give a speech with everyone watching. Label, as he is called, talks about his dream: one of a young woman with a beautiful voice talking about the Junchoon saving Colus. Label greets the one who woke him up, Daizina, and asks what’s going on. Daizana can’t belive that he’s talking in his sleep about Colus saying that neither Colus and Fillmore won’t be able to save them from the A.K.D. As part of the anti-A.K.D. forces, they wish to see if Amateratsu has anything to say to stop the growing threat of war. One of the resistance members is a decendent of a Fillmore knight (he looks a lot like Vralgo..) and he speaks of wishing for someone with the power of a king to help their cause. He then looks to Label.

Before the discussion can go further, Amateratsu speaks on the screen of wanting to stop the bloodshed and that he would be willing to speak to the “terrorists” who wish to thwart his grand unification of all nations of the Joker Galaxy. Daizana comments about Amateratsu’s violet eyes…and how much he looks like a fatima. Naturally, those of the resistance movement are unimpressed, saying that Amateratsu is the real tyrant. They agree that they are no match for his 300+ strong God Knights. Label is more impressed, saying that what Amateratsu wants is correct. Daizana can’t belive what he just said and pulls him from the room. The descendent of Fillmore already has figured out that Label may come from a Royal bloodline based on his words. Label then explains that while universal peace is a noble goal, building it on bloodshed is not. He then senses that something is on its way there…

A Air Mortarheadd! With a Mirage knight flag. This one is the Wonderschatz, piloted by Arart Ex and fatima Icarus. Icarus wants to engage, but Arart wis not interested. The Amateratsu in the Floating Temple is an impersonator: the fatima Upandora Lime who acts as Amateratsu’s shadow. The real Mirage Knights have nothing to do with his war. Arart comments that their order is down to 9 Mirage Knights and that the uprising is nothing without a leader to guide them.

She also comments that she’s heard a very interesting rumor: that a prince and princess of Colus are still alive and what fun it might be if they joined the fray…

After the Wunderschatz flies over them, Daizana speaks on how she’s heard that the Amateratsu in the palace isn’t the real one. Label doesn’t say anything, but remembers this dream of a beautiful person with eyes the color of a ruby who smiles and watches over him. Daizana then expresses that she’s going to continue looking for “the jeweler”, who might be able to tell her more of where she came from. She holds a piece of jewelry bearing the name Ladios Sopp. Label wants to tell her who he really is, but has no proof. All of a sudden, he hears a voice, telling him he’s Colus VI. He then feels the urge to find the Junchoon and Clotho. Little does he know that it was Clotho’s voice who he hears: telling him she’s looking over him and that she’s loved every Colus that has been born.

The story then jumps back to the present: this part is pretty much the prelude to the next story arc. On a ship heading toward Both, a headdliner is sleeping: recovering from injury. When he comes to, two knights materialize beside him. They are A’P Knights, from the country of Hathuha. They have replaces some of his organs and limbs as he lost them in battle. The knights introduce themselves as Jabo Beat and Joy Gira. Angry, the knight asks them why he of all were saved. They tell him that his fatima saved him, dragging him to safety. The fatima that Urazen had wanted to kill was dragging her master to safety and found the A’P Knights. The Fatima, Paracha holds looks to her injured master. Outraged, the injured knight beats her within an inch of her life saying that he wished to die with honor on the battlfield. Jabo bids him to stop, saying that thwy will arrive on Kallamity soon and if he wished to do that then he should wait. The only payment that the A’P knights want is the remaining Boowray suits to do with as they see fit.

At the Kallamity palace, the knight, Blreno goes to an audience with his king. Beside himself, he shows Lader the only thing of Vralgo that he could find, the crest that the young Colus had removed. In agony, he uses his sword to try to take his own life. He doesn’t get far, as Lader knocks it out of his hands. Lader then yells at him not to do anything so foolish and that only he decides when one of his Syltiss Knights should die. He views them as his sons and is appalled that one would be so selfish as to try suicide. He blames himself for letting Vralgo’s pride get in the way of his judgement and went to Hagooda in the first place. He then asks Blreno, his only Syltiss left, to bring glory on himself and Fillmore and exceed the glory of Vralgo.

In his quarters, Lader laments the death of his Syltiss knights. His fatima, Krakoutoma, tries ot comfort him. In the end, Colus came out on top and all he can do is make a toast to Colus’ greatness for going down in history as a hero.

Recovered, Blreno looks upon his Siren with his fatima. Blerno tells her that is isn’t going to die yet and Paracha explained that she didn’t want him to die. He blasts her as this is all she’s been saying and raises his hand to her again. She recoils, but his hand never reaches her. As it’s frowned upon in Fillmore for a headdliner to treat a fatima like anything other than garbage, he pulls her close to him and thanks her for saving him. He also apologizes for roughing her up telling the surprised fatima that he’s another headdliner caught under the spell of the fatima.

Back on Hathuha, a battle wages in the arena as Joy rests. A sorceress, known as a Diver, fortells of what goes on in the arena, of a warrior about to die. Jabo, having taken out her frustrations for missing the battle on Juno out on her foe, has just struck a fatal blow. Joy runs to the arena to stop her…but the Diver warns that he will be too late. Joy then scolds Jabo, telling her that she has disgraced the Swans name by her tactics, but she is more worried about the damage to her clothes that she’s taken.

Arriving at the arena is the Queen of Hathuha, Mugumica, and her advisor. The advisor tells Jabo that she must never mar the name of her country with such meaningless acts and that it is the will of the people that give her power and Mortarheadds. The advisor then suggests that she learn to act more like a woman instead of such a hardened warrior all the time. Mugumica suggests expulsion from the kingdom to train as a woman. The advisor suggests Kastempo, saying that he would like to visit it himself. As he leaves, he makes the remark that Mirage Knight Aisha Condante wouldn’t have fretted about her looks after a battle. Aisha, already on Kastempo, sneezes.

Mugumica bids that she keep her A’P Knight status and represent the Kingdom. She also gives her the A Toll to take with her in case of trouble. She requests that Jabo see new lands on her behalf: since she is the prophetess of her country, she is forbidden to leave its bounderies. SHe asks Jabo to go on adventures and then tell her about them. The scenes that take us to the end of the story arc are scenes of the future, and take us to the next chapter: Traffics.