Volume 7

Characters and stage set, the seventh book begins with the beginning of the grand battle for Colus. The front lines of the Trio are quite spectacular: the Vhatshu, Voards’s suit, 3 LED Mirages belonging to the Mirages that were summoned by Amatreatsu, Junchoon and some Berlin’s, main suit of Colus. Voard’s isn’t so enthused, but Roados is amazed at the sheer display of power of those joining them. At this point, there’s no sign of the enemy on what would be a last stand..

At the palace in Hagooda, Queen Ahl-may-may-ohs is feeling understandably nervous, although at this point, she knows the identities of those helping her. Looking for reassurances from her hired help, she gets it. Vralgo is arriving at the battlefield and the rest of the troops in A-toll suits will play clean up. Relieved, the Queen urges them to crush Colus.

In the Palace of Colus, Iemarah tells Sopp the status of the Junchoon. Looking down, Sopp spies two items on the ground: Clotho’s shoes and Colus’ Spaad. Seeing these and realizing that Colus took Ulicle’s Spaad instead, he instructs Iemarah to get the Knight of Gold ready to join them, even knowing that it still hasn’t been fully repaired, he believes that it will be needed. Clotho is in the cockpit of the Junchoon, shuddering in horror at what she has forseen and what she will have to do in the near future.

On the battlefield, it would appear that all is going well. With the newfound alliance, the Maglow aren’t much of a challenge. Roados coments on how smoothly the battle is going. As usually happens, things are about to take a drastic change for the worse…

Colus, his guard down slightly, gets a sudden glimpse of a Mortarheadd that has just used Teleport to sneak up on him. Colus’ troops ask him to please eject, but Colus hshows nothing in the way of fear. Just another Boowray…right?

…Except that it isn’t. Colus now sees the true face of the ones who have been helping out Hagooda: the Mortarheadd that now stands before him is none other than a Siren from Fillmore. Vralgo still remembers the indignity of the younger Colus’ attack on him and is seeking revenge. Colus realizes that while the Junchoon is strong that he’s not much of a match for the Siren. He then orders Clotho to abandon the Junchoon. Needless to say, it takes him only a few panels to take out the Junchoon. Voards is then asked to lead the army, and his suggestion is to retreat…for now. Before he can give the order, another teleport…this time it’s the Knight of Gold. Arriving on the scene and before he can even make a move, Lachesis informs him that because the KoG hasn’t been fixed yet that it won’t even move. Even worse, they’re too far from the Junchoon to be of any help. Another Boowray attempts to engage Sopp, but the Mirage Knights make quick work of it. He then asks Dipper Dopps to help him locate Junchoon and Colus.

Vralgo has done his job however: the Junchoon is in flames. Colus, realizing that he’s dying, asks Clotho to defeat the Siren. Clotho, in tears and torn, understands why she hates Mortarheadds and the battle. She was designed to destroy Lachesis and Amateratsu. Confused, she breaks down…

Vralgo has little chance to savor his victory before the Mirages and the KoG teleport to Junchoon’s location. Sopp sees the damage on the Junchoon and realizes that Colus is dead. The main armor of Junchoon has been stripped off. Vralgo invites them to watch as he finishes off Colus.

Still inside the cockpit, Clotho struggles to keep it together. She hears a plea for help, to destroy the Siren for the sake of Colus and Ulicle. What she thought was the voice of Colus…was really the voice of the Junchoon asking for her aid. The Siren raises it’s sword to give the final blow..

The sword fails to hit it’s intended target. Clotho, understanding her role, takes full control of Junchoon. Bidding her friends farewell, she fully enters the battle. Sopp is surprised that the Junchoon is still operational considering the damage it’s taken. Roados understands that the Junchoon is on the verge of showing it’s true form. The KoG has been holding a sword, but it gets willed over the Junchoon. Clotho and Junchoon unsheathe the sword and make very very quick work of the Siren and Vralgo, slicing the suit in half. Energized, the Mirages and Berlins finish off the rest of the Hagooda Hired help.

Sopp sends Urazen and Sharie to inspect the battlefield afterward and Urazen spots a fatima of the enemy carrying her dead headdliner. His first thought is to kill her…but Sharie stops him. She then goes to ponder the wastes of war…
Both battle and war won, Sopp and Lachesis go in search of Clotho. Lachesis is panicing as Clotho won’t answer her.

Naturally, things were not going well in Hagooda since the war has been lost. The people storm the gates of the palace and Queen Ahl-may-may-ohs baricades herself inside, wondering frantically about what has happened. As she in distress tries to figure out her next move, Rogner appears in the throne room. Angrily blaming him for causing the uprising, she runs to her balcony. Her people are not happy with her and she’s hit by a sniper. Before she dies, she asks Rogner if she’s more beautiful than a fatima. He agrees and this brings the war to a close as she dies in his arms.

As sopp and Lachesis prepare to return to the Floating Palace, Trao Ballanka and Sharie talk. Sharie tells him that Amateratsu has asked her to be ambassador to Colus and it’s kingdom. Before leaving, Sopp has something else to do: seal Junchoon and Clotho for the future. Like Sleeping Beauty, Clotho sleeps: having expended almost all of her energy to merge with Junchoon. When she’s needed in the future, she’ll awaken to help the Colus dynasty.

During the fateful battle, Clotho junctioned herself with the Junchoon and gave him her powers. Sopp is disgusted by the irony at which it happened: Clotho, with no intention to be a Fatima, had to use her powers in battle. He then tells Lachesis and the rest of the Colus allies that the next time she’ll awaken…it will only be briefly and only when the Colus dynasty needs them most. He gives them the bracelet that will allow them to transport the sleeping Clotho and Junchoon if need be. Sopp offers Colus’ Spadd to the gathering of allies, but they decline: saying that it should be given to a future Colus. After this exchange, the Junchoon is sealed in tome for the future.

Lachesis clutches Clotho’s shoes sadly when she is greeted by Queen Emelah, expresses sympathy for Lachesis losing her sister. When Lachesis asks why the queen isn’t sad, she says she has her reasons: she is carrying Colus’ child. She says that Colus has returned to her in this form, and that he’s going to make a lot of girls cry. But for now, he’s helpless to do anything. She then gives Lachesis the advice to keep the men guessing and on their toes.

Turning to the sealed door, she then bids Clotho goodbye and thanks. She knows that Clotho will take her Colus again in the future…but that she won’t be alive to see it.

The aftermath of the war is discussed as Hagooda will become part of the Colus dynasty for the rest of time.