Volume 5

As one can imagine, the fact that the Boowray have entered the fray means that things have taken a turn for the worse for the Trio de Colus. At the main palace, a gathering of all of the Trio’s heads of state meet about the defeats on the battlefield, and what can be done. Queen Lizard believes that since Hagooda has no Mortarheadds of its own that Hagooda will offer to retreat into the country of Meistner in exchange for the factories there. The head of Ballanka leaves the gathering, upset that no more can at that time be done. Lizard emerges to calm him, saying that even Colus has gone into seclusion to figure out the next step, and to try to relax.

As if on cue, Colus emerges with Ulicle, both in battle regalia. Seems it’s time to make that move..

Meanwhile, at the Imperial Temple of Hagooda, Queen Ahl-may-may-ohs is most pleased, and takes her greatest delight in the Boowray Knights who have been utterly victorious. She then offers a feast in their honor with all the pleasures of her palace. While the party goes on, she speaks to the leader of the Boowrays. The battle has gone well for her, as 10 countries have offered her aid in exchnge to take a blow at the Colus Dynasty. She talks about the skill of his Mimiba soldiers, who pilot the other Boowrays, and offers whatever payment they ask to be theirs. Quite drunk, she also asks the leader to remove his mask and show his face. He declines, saying that the mask will make his adversaries nervous. Really drunk, she then inquires if her beauty is comparable to that of a fatima. The leader scoffs, saying that fatimas are mere objects not worthy of such a comparison. She seems shocked at such words coming from a Headdliner. He then asks for one thing from her to which she offers herself. Changing the subject (quickly) he says that his only reward from this war..would be the head of “fatima fondler” Colus III.

Out on the battlefield, Colus and Ulicle have taken the Junchoon out on its first test drive. Theyv’e only seen the Maglows thus far which have been no challenge for the Junchoon. Ulicle still seems a little aprehensive about the suit however and has her doubts on it being fully battle ready.

The main forces at this time can’t contact Colus, and don’t want the enemy knowing that Colus is on the battlefield personally. They hope that he runs into just enough suits to test the Junchoon out on, then return safely. Of course, things will probably not go as they wish…

…Because the Junchoon is now in a skirmish with 2 Maglow. Hiding in ambush, is a Boowray. The pilot asks that his fatima Syrucha contact Hagooda and that this prey is his. While the skills of both Boowray and pilot are indeed impressive, they are no match for a storm that comes up out of nowhere. The Junchoon is having dificulties as well, but it hides the fact that the suit has begun to malfunction. The Boowray pilot admires the Colus Family suit, but soon comes to realize that it’s not working well. Colus realizes that he’s caught on and asks that they beat a hasty retreat with the storm as cover.

The rains are also hampering the abilities of the Boowray to follow them, to which he yells at the Fatima co-piloting. Judging from how these Boowrays treat their fatima partners, it can be said that its a contemptful relationship.

Before the Junchoon can fully escape, the Boowray makes it’s attack, greatly damaging the Junchoon. Colus himself is badly hurt in this exchange, and he asks that Ulicle take control of the suit. She manages to finally evade the Boowray, but the Junchoon is very badly damaged and crashes into a jungle 10 miles from the lines….

Some distance away, the pilot that was pursuing Colus stands above his fatima Syrucha, who he’s just killed for being useless. The Mimiba surround him in an instant to tell him that the White Mortarhead has crashed. He then asks them to contact Hagooda to pick both himself and the White Mortarheadd. and tells the others to “get rid of the garbage in the cockpit”, meaning the fatima. They dump her into the stream that’s running by the camp and then set off in search of the wounded Colus.

Not far from there, Ulicle sees to the damaged Junchoon and the hurt Colus. Colus tells Ulicle to make a run for it, sut natrually, she objects to leaving him. Colus says that he’s too hurt to go anywhere and that he’s not about to let these savages have the Junchoon. Ulicle hears the Mimiba approaching, and hastily hides Colus in the brush. Colus then passes out. Realizing that she’s been spotted, Ulicle runs, diverting their attention from where she’s hid Colus. While she’s very skilled, she soon realizes that her pursuers are Headdliners and that she’s a bit outmatched. A fierce battle ensues and even the Fatimacidal Boowray pilot shows that he’s impressed with “Morard’s Ulicle”. Pierced with numerous darts, she falls to the ground bleeding. The pilot knows that she’s merely drawing the attention from where she’s hiddend Colus and that they’re going after him too. He then orders Ulicle stripped and gutted.

Elswehere in the forest, the Boowray Knights are preparing to take possession of the Junchoon. While they’re still admitring their prize, they’re taken out by a Mirage Knight, who admires the suit and Colus skill in building it. Doesn’t look like the Boowray Knights will get their way here…

Colus comes to, and races to the battle as Ulicle falls. Ulicle is about to breathe her last, and apologizes to Colus for not being more of a help. As she dies, she asks that he always remember her, giving him the thrown darts from when they first met. She then dies in his arms as he holds her.

Scoffing, the Boowray Knight introduces himself as Gellows and laughs that all that emotion is wasted on Fatimas, also saying that his wife would be jealous of this scene. He then challenges Colus to a duel which is over with in the next panel. Colus then returns to Ulicle as the other knights attack, but they are killed by…Mirage Knight F.U.Rogner, who says he has come on behalf of Amateratsu and the AKD to help the Trio de Colus. Ieatta is also there and is sad to have seen the death of Ulicle.

In Hagooda, the Commander is speaking to one of his Knights, calling Gellows hasty and to ship both his Boowray and his body back “home”. While he feels things were accelerated by this incident, he still understands that Colus is who he is and dangerous even injured. Later, we see the Commander without his mask, standing in front of his Boowray and talking to someone remotely. The person on the other end then calls his Red Commander home, saying that the seeds of war have been sown and that this will continue without them. The person on the other end is shown….to be none other than Fillmore’s King Lader and the masked man as Vralgo.

The scene finally switches to the Colus Palace and to Queen Emaleth, who refuses to visit her sick husband. She then speaks to Clotho rather candidly, saying that she’s very happy that Ulicle is dead. She has known Colus longer than anyone, and has loved him longer than anyone else. She expresses sadness that he gave that love to a Fatima instead of to her. Fatimas, who never age or look any different from when they met their headdliners. She refuses to see Colus grieving for Ulicle saying that Clotho will never understand how she feels as she is a fatima herself. She even wishes that Colus had been more like the Fillmore Knights, who treat Fatimas as commodities instead of humans. Clotho says nothing during this, only that she’ll go to Colus. Clotho speaks of giving herself to the Colus Dynasty into the future and that the Fates will be around much longer than they will. What she says is important to the story so I’ll write it here:

“Soon, the wind will rage and blow the Colus Dynasty to and fro. But I and one of my sisters will watch over this counrty, this planet and over Your Highness’ children and their children for many generations to come. The wind will blow from all directions, north south east west…and from Fortune. All you humans, gentle, powerful, miserable and stupid alike, I will in the end bid that last greeting to that Wind in your place. While you are choosing the final opporrtunities open to you…Until Fortune is born, I will keep my eyes open for this very short time…I will embrace all the hopes and dreams held by Fatimas everywhere and entrust them to Kallen”

This part of the story ends with all the players getting into place for the next act: Colus appearing in public to show his regained strength…and a certain Ladios Sopp, who has just arrived in Juno….