Volume 4

This part starts out inside a civilian ship. Inside, the passengers are merrily preparing to return home. On the bridge, there’s trouble brewing as a Battleship has invaded their airspace. The captain asks for the ship’s colors to report them but realizes that this Battleship belongs to the Boowray Rainbow, thought long lost. They seem to be traveling to their next battleground and the captain wants no part of them….

The scene splits to the end of a nasty battle between a Colus knight and a Maglow. The Maglow is disposed of, but the Fatima of the Colus Knight has been killed. The Fatima is Elma and the knight, the son of a close Colus advisor. As with most battles, this one has no happy ending.

At this point, some backstory is given about the planet of Juno and it’s lands. It speaks of the Trio de Colus trying to hold off the upstart Hagooda Kingdom, who even though outmatched, is trying to take lands belonging to the Trio de Colus for its own. It also speaks about the electric knights known as Mortarheadds with whom battles are waged and either won or lost. Wars sometimes only staged for reasons of boredom….

Prince Trao Bellanka is then seen speaking to his men about the lack of Mortarheadds due to the damage that the Maglows have done to their forces. Lizard Meistner, Queen of the Meistner country is seen having a similar talk with her advisors. Both are leaders of countries in the Trio de Colus, with Colus III uniting them.

Meanwhile, in the main palace of Colus, Clotho enters the private room of Colus. (Which happens to look very very Japanese…Colus is even in a kimono.) Colus then tells Clotho that he’s hard at work on a new weapon for the Berlins: that they need every possible advantage against Hagooda. Clotho again states that she doesn’t like weapons, at which point Colus changes the subject. He asks how she’s getting along with Queen Elmelah, his wife, who is pregnant with his child. While Clotho says that everyone there has been very nice to her, she can’t help but feel useless. Colus then says that there’s a major war brewing, and that it would be best if she left to visit Bellance or her sister Lachesis in Delta Belun at the Floating Palace. Clotho is amazed that Colus knew such things to which he says that the one who threw the Spaad when he first met Clotho was from the palace. There was another with that type of skill there at that time, which was Sopp. Clotho insists that she stay with Colus even though she fears the battle. Colus then shows her his work in progress, the Junchoon. Clotho is curious as to why Colus was at Beltoka that day and he explains that he was there to visit an old friend….

Flashback time!

This next part takes place 32 years in the past, on the planet of Kallamity. Colus is sent with a letter of introduction to Dr. Morard from his father Colus II.

The young Colus gets a little lost finding the place, groaning about 2 mountian ranges between him and his destination. Bit of a naive kid, he puts away his Spaad and enjoys the pleasures of nature. Suddenly, he senses that there’s not just forest creatures and birds around him and calls out the one who’s now following him. He winds up playing a energetic game of hide and seek with his watcher. His pursuer is still with him even after evasion and thrown weapons, he then realizes that this may be serious. He runs farther, but then realizes that he’s crossed the border. Hearing some noises, he decides to check things out…in the meantime, his pursuer realizes that this game of cat and mouse could be real fun.

Over the ridge, he catches sight of some large Mortarheadds, a Siren, realizing that he’s made a mistake and entered Fillmore. More importantly, he’s run into the camp of the Kneue Syltiss, Temple Knights of King Lader. Naturally, it’s only an instant before he’s spotted by Vralgo, who tells him to beat it in polite terms. Before he can get that far, Colus is chopped in half by Vralgo’s Spaad. Vralgo is dissapointed that it wasn’t enough to kill him, but is happy to have done some damage. He then hears something but before he can check it out, he recieves a call from Fillmore and departs.

Colus has fallen to the bottom of the hill where he was struck down and is kicking himself for not having been more careful. Thinking he might die, he is greeted by someone who bids him to get up if he’s a real Knight. He does, wavers, then collapses due to blood loss. it’ll be awhile before he awakens.

When he does, he finds himself in a Fatima Capsule in a mountain shack. Ensuring Colus he’s in good hands, he introduces himself as Dr. Morard Carbyte. Colus apologizes foe being trouble amd Roados playfully scolds him for getting into that situation. Roados is amazed that Colus escaped having seen a Siren and Colus reminds him that a Fillmore Knight attacking a Prince of Colus would have caused a stink. Morard suggests a complaint agains the country, but Colus states that he was the careless one for having wandered into their territory in the first place.

It’s then stated that Fillmore is the largest military state in the Galaxy and that all those in any position, Knight and commoner, are very proud of this fact. King Lader is their ruler and the 300 Knights of the Kneue Syltiss are also known as the Blood Temple Knights. Roados isn’t happy about the Sirens practicing war games. Morard suggests packing up and heading to Bastogne and Ballance, his “imitator”. Morard wants to show off his latest masterpiece, which Colus wants to see. Ulicle makes her formal entrance, giving Colus his damaged laser darts. Ulicle apologizes, but Colus calls the accident one of his own making.

Later on, Roards teaches Colus the finer arts of combat. After that, they head to Bastogne, where they they had not heard about Ballance’s fragile physical condition. At the spaceport, Colus gets a good look at The Vhatshu, and speaks to Ulicle about his future plans. Before he can say much, he sees a familiar face: that of Vralgo. Being the boy he is, he walks right up to the knight that tried to do him in. Vralgo recognizes Roadas. He also admits that he recognized Colus even before attacking him to the anger of Morard. He then challenges Colus. Colus has improved in combat since they last met and in a quick skirmish, cuts the Fillmore Crest off his cloak. He then excuses himself, asking Roadas and Dr. Morard if he could join them on their journey. Morard then asks Colus to take Ulicle as his own as she calls him Master with ease.

In the present at the Floating Temple, Aisha briefs Amateratsu on the latest status with Hagooda. He then decides to make an appearance as he still owes Colus for the Fatima debut. He’s going as Sopp so Aisha’s off the hook. They then talk of Atropos and get into a discussion about the Fatima’s numbers. Amateratsu realizes that Ballance never introduced fatima # 42 and he wonders why…

On the frontlines near Hagooda, the soldiers get an ambush at camp. The Boowray Rainbow has finally arrived on Juno!