Volume 3

Finally, we arrive at the night before the Debut. In Colus III’s quarters, Clotho is silently thinking of Lachesis, and what will happen to her in the morning.
Voards also decides to pay Sopp a late night visit…only to find the door unlocked. Commenting on such, he notices a door that’s ajar and opens it to find…Sopp in the shower, and looking very..feminine. Really. Sopp is horrified that Voards got a nice peek and Voards can’t get over how hot Sopp looks for a guy. (As a matter of fact, he keeps reminding himself that Sopp is a man. Yes, really.) After the amusing exchange, Voards offers his help at the Debut if needed, in exchange for a kiss after everything’s over. As he leaves, the cloaked stranger who observed Clotho’s decision to go with Colus is seen at the end of the hallway….
Finally, we have the Fatima Debut!
With great fanfare, Juba and his advisor introduce Lachesis to the luminaries in attendance, who are taken back by her beauty. It is then announced that Voards is the official in charge of seeing that the Debut goes smoothly. The rules of the Debut are also given: should Lachesis not find a Master at the end of the Debut, she would then revert to the care of the local lord. (in this case Juba who could then do with her as he sees fit.)
One by one, she meets with the rulers and leaders in attendance. Colus realizes that there’s something about her, but is unable to put his finger on it. Finally, Amateratsu introduces himself but again, Lachesis is unmoved. Voards wonders why Sopp isn’t present as the announcement is made that she has chosen no master.
Sopp is still there however, and preparing to escape the scene. Before he can do this, a ghost appears before him scolding him. The ghost is his late wife, Melcoor Litra, who’s power was great enough that she looks over Sopp like a Guardian Angel. She’s not nice to him, saying that she can’t believe she’d fallen in love with someone so cold as to run away on someone who loved him very much. She also tells him that with that attitude, there’s not much difference between him and the fatimas he so derided as being robotic. She pretty much leaves him on that note, but it’s enough to get the guy thinking and he turns around…
With the Debut all but over, Juba is preparing to announce that he’s to take Lachesis into his custody….when Sopp bursts through the crowd and calls Lachesis to his side. Lachesis quickly aknowledges Sopp as her master to the surprise of the crowd. Juba’s advisor, believing the fatima out of her mind for calling a non-Headdliner Master orders them to be caught as they run off. He also orders Ballance to be dealt with as well. Colus clears the way for the escape, and naturally, no one in the audience interferes.
Juba’s men follow them out into the courtyard, but then several of them are beheaded by the stranger from Beltoca who tells them to find another way. Sopp and Lachesis take opportunity of the confusion to leave the palace grounds. Voards is about to do the same when the stranger approaches him telling him that now would be the perfect time to capture Bastogne and bring it to order since Juba is as good as dead. Voards realizes that Sopp created the diversion neccessary for this and the stranger then uncloaks, revealing himself to be Mirage Knight 3 Faulk Rogner and his fatima Ieatta. Ieatta bids Clotho well as they leave. Colus then bids Voards goodbye and asks that he say hello to Maegella. Voards’ identity was no secret at all. Voards stays to clean up, and in the process proclaims his Love for Sopp. Maegella seems less than amused.
At the Ballance Castle, Juba’s advisor calls him out to explain himself and the Fatima. He then bids his men to kill Ballance if he resists. Not easily done as the 4 Mirage Knights were already there for just such an occasion. Lie Ex and Landwand Spacorn take care of the men and advisor with ease. After the quick beatdown, Amateratsu appears and asks to speak to Ballance in private. Once they are together, Amateratsu’s disguise comes off to reveal Aisha Condonte, who played Amateratsu in Sopp’s absence. She expresses regret over losing him.
Their hover having been hit by the pursuing Juba, Sopp and Lachesis arrive to the area where Sopp first met Voards. Decors is in his suit, and ready for battle. It’s here that Sopp’s creation sleeps, and with a word it awakens. Juba’s army feels the earth moving and what rises from it….
….Is a Mortarheadd. Lachesis and Sopp get in the cockpits with Sopp warning that he hasn’t gotten all the bugs out of it yet. The Electric Knight of Gold has awoken. Juba’s other “Nephew” isn’t impressed and gets pwned in record time. Decors is slightly impressed but goes for it anyway. His suit? Sliced in half like a hot knife through butter.
Juba orders the use of ship’s Buster cannon but the KoG has a similar trick up it’s sleeve: and uses one of it’s own: a sawed off Buster Launcher. You can cue the annihilation here, if you wish.
Battle over in record time, Lachesis tells Sopp that other than some shorted circuits, everything is in order. She then formally introduces herself to the KoG and is happy that Sopp kept his promise to her.
From the cockpit, they get a call: Aisha is less than happy about having to wear a corset and having “Slimy men who think she’s a guy feeling her up”. After this scolding, Sopp’s disguise falls away showing that he’s really Amateratsu. He expresses his love to Lachesis, and Litra expresses her happiness before fading. What’s funny here is that Decors was the only one who survived the juba incident but we’ll get back to him at a later date.
The Bell Creal brings Lachesis to the Floating Temple for her marriage to Amateratsu.
It then goes on to say that Juba’s empire is no more: taken over by Mission Rouath, President of Trun.( Or Voards, who took out an identity to escape corruption in his country)
The story then picks up the following year, with the announcement that a neighboring country to the Trio de Colus is making agressive measures to take over parts of it….the makings of another war.
At the Floating Temple, Sopp talks to Lachesis about the aggression, and in turn she expresses concern for Clotho. Sopp believes that Kallamity is behind the funding of Hagooda, a country not capable of taking on Colus on its own. He then takes her to his workshop, where a Mortarhead is under construction. This one is a doozy as it’s the Jagd Mirage. Lachesis is saddened by her own destiny, which is to take these things into wars and kill many. Amateratsu is not so certain, saying that while Fatimas are forced to go into these battles, that they may in the future prevent them from even starting. This part of the story ends with the two of them embracing in front of the Jagd Mirage Shell…