Volume 2

Before Voards realizes what just happened, he turns to find Sopp in pursuit of the young Fatima. He jumps the three story window to meet Sopp in the courtyard. After procuring a hoverbike in the confusion, they take off. Sopp is certian that Clotho is headed to the next town to meet Ballance’s friend and fellow Fatima Meight Dr. Morard.

Clotho, on the run, remembers the words of Lachesis, who told her to escape and find the doctor. Worried about what will happen to her sister, she arrives in Beltoca. Things aren’t quite so friendly here and as Clotho searches for Morard, a group of thugs come across her with less than pure intentions. They trap her, and she faints.

Note: In the world of the FSS, Fatimas that are traveling without Masters are mere objects and are often captured for use as sex slaves.

Just as the thugs are about to have their way with her, a mysterious knight who is overlooking the scene walks up and promptly kills the majority of them. They fire upon him to no effect. Before he can raise his Spaad (laser sword) again, another Spaad is seen thrown, killing the rest. As the knight looks on bewildered, Sopp rus up to check on Clotho’s safety with Voards. The stranger asks more about Clotho and Sopp explains that she escaped the Debut. The stranger uncloaks to reveal that he’s no ordinary knight.

After everything is over, Clotho, who has been passed out in the ally of the skirmish, gazes upon the stranger, calling him Master for a second before realizing that he is not. She then happily greets Sopp, and asks the stranger his name. He introduces himself as Colus, to which she recognizes him as the Emperor of the Colus Dynasty. She then asks if she could go with him.

Sopp explains that Clotho is different from other fatima as she has no mind control. Colus had already figured it out, saying that he felt that she was calling a Colus not yet born Master when she saw him.

Colus wonders about the matter of the Formal Fatima debut and how this will fare. He then calls out Voards, who has been hiding in the shadows. Voards introduces himself as being from the Trun Union, and explains that they should take Clotho back to Juba as per protocol. Instead, he suggests just escaping with Clotho to Juno. Voards also states that as an ambassador from Trun, that this would be the Union’s official stance on the matter albiet they would be breaking galactic law by doing so.

Outside the allyway, the four Mirage Knights that had been summoned for the Debut had seen the whole that transpired. At this moment, Juba’s men arrive to take Clotho back into custody, thanking Colus for finding her. Mirage Knight, Landwand Spacorn, speaks, saying that there had been some trouble and that Clotho had chosen Colus to be her master. Juba’s right hand man is in disbelief, but Lie Ex states that since Voards of the Union and that they too had witnessed this, it constituted a simple Debut. Juba’s man isn’t happy, and asks that Colus and Clotho remain in the city until after the event. Colus agrees and the Mirages take their leave after saluting him.

Sopp, who has been hiding until the dust cleared, emerged to apologize for the trouble. Colus is quite happy to have come away from the event with such a “treasure”, even though his fatima is the Morard masterpiece Ulicle. Clotho is also grateful, but then begs Sopp to rescue Lachesis. Sopp tells Clotho thta she has said enough and that he’ll “do what he came to do”. Upon leaving back for Bastogne, Colus spies some other cloaked characters who watched the whole event. Upon calling them “desperate characters”, Clotho waves to them to Colus’ surprise.

One can only imagine that Juba is less than amused, having lost one of his future sex kittens. He demands that Lachesis not get away from him. Back in his room, Sopp is reminded of Clotho’s plea to save her sister. At this point, he’s not sure what he can really do…..

The next day, a Mortarheadd carrier arrives to the delight of Juba. Decors Weissmal makes the scene in his Helmine suit. Juba then introduces his “nephews”, Decors and Torrora and the MH Fleet. Voards derides that they’re related and Sopp agrees. The fatima for the Helmine is an Eetoamuru type: not humanoid and it’s only job is to control Mortarheadds. Sopp isn’t crazy about this type of Fatima…until it’s explained to the crowd that he was the one who designed them. (Sopp had forgotten! XD) Juba asks for a mock battle to show his strength….and asks that Colus and Clotho provide the entertainment. Clotho is terrified of Mortarheadds and is too scared to fight. Rather than expose that Clotho has no mind control, Colus explains that they aren’t feeling well and will decline. Juba is rather disgusted but Amateratsu appears to defuse the situation.

Back in the palace, Clotho apologizes to Colus and Sopp about being scared. Colus tells her that she’s a daughter, not a Fatima. Voards laughs, saying that they’ll soon get their chances to show battle skills.

In another part of the palace, Juba and Decors are talking about Lachesis. Decors wants a “sneak peek sample” but Juba tells him that they have to wait with all the luminaries at the debut.

At the same time, Sopp and Voards are in the suit hangar, looking at the Eeatoromuru fatima when the rest of the staff call them down for a snack. The staff then aks Sopp why he wanted to work for Juba and he speaks of his dream of “a mortarheadd that will make history.” One of the staff comments that Juba isn’t to be in power long as the Trun Union president will step in and take over the region. Sopp comments that he hopes he’ll wait until he gets what he wants there. He also asks about Voards’ Fatima. (He’s been found out! XDD) To which he makes a very quick getaway.

…to his MH Carrier. Here, we are introduced to his Fatima Maegella, who wants to see Mr. Sopp after it’s been so long. Voards doesn’t think this is a good idea, since he’ll certainly find out who he really is.

Amateratsu is seen talking to the mirages about Clotho and Lachesis. Amateratsu is seen looking quite sadly, at which point the scene shifts to Sopp, who’s remembering the past. Three young girls, Lachesis, Atropos and Clotho have made flower necklaces for Sopp. Sopp angrily tells Ballance that Fatimas shouldn’t be needed to pilot MH’s. Lachesis comes up to Sopp and asks him to be her master when she grows up. Sopp agrees, then Lachesis asks for an MH made of Gold to shine for thousands of years. Sopp almost has a heart attack about the cost, but agrees like a good boy.

The following day, Sopp is out on the balcony where he’s propositioned by Decors IF, he ever gets interested…. (Decors bats for both teams. Yaoi? Yaoi! :3) After this…slimy display, Sopp spies Lachesis in a window. At this point, scenes from past present and future are displayed in a very elegant set of panels.

Sopp then agrees to see her later that night, sneaking like a ninja to her window. When he gets there, he sees Juba strong arming Lachesis into choosing him, although she says nothing. While she knows that Sopp is there to save her, she says nothing.

As if overhearing and creating a diversion, a smacked around Mirage Knight falls through the door, with Amateratsu giving him what for. “Realizing” that he’s entered Lachesis’ room, Amateratsu kneels to apologize to Juba for the interference. Juba, naturally, takes this opportunity to feel up Amateratsu.(Sopp is watching through the window in disgust at this) Diversion perfect, Sopp gets Lachesis’ attention to her delight. Amateratsu leaves and Juba tells Lachsis to make up her mind for the Debut the next day. Sopp, upon seeing this, then says that Juba isn’t long for this world…..