Volume 19

Returning to the battle, Mishalu Lonn in the modified Schepltor is engaging Konig in the Blue Armor and Sukat in the Zakker. She’s not going all out and Konig suspects that she’s trying to buy some time for whatever reason as some tanks start fiting on him as well. Sensing that this might not be enough to keep them occupied, Allecto sends some artillery shells their way. Linsa picks up on this immediatly and this barrage is avoided. In the Apache, Braford’s main job is to find the Nymph, which he does with ease. Misson successful, Sukat orders everyone to converge on the “women” and the nymph. The AKD ground forces have other ideas and head to stall Seable from their mission, driving their small tanks right at the MH’s. Even though they can’t hear him, Sopp orders them to stop this suicidal mission, but they do no such thing. He runs up to a tank that the Zakker takes out…and inside is Commander Yury. He’s very badly hurt and tells Sopp to flee: he’s about to blow the tank up. Sopp again orders him to stop, but his mind is made up and tells Sopp to clear the area. AT drags him away and Yury commits suicide to protect his Emperor. The resulting blast is enough to temporarily disrupt the radars, but not for long. The Zakker has AT, who is carrying Sopp in it’s sights and sets to kill her. This too is thwarted as Elena, who was put out of commission by Braford pulls herself together in time to leap in front of the gunfire to save them, getting ripped to shreds in the process. Sopp tells AT to put him down…he’s seen enough.

Bending down, Sopp asks the Headdliner who she is, to which she mentions Babiron. He realizes that she’s one of Rogner’s agents and says that there’s time to save her. AT knocks her out until a medical team can look at her. At this point, Sopp looks to the sky and we hear Sukat congratulating Linsa on a job well done. Sopp talks about how Spector would be amused about him losing his powers. This party is far from over, however as someone else is about to crash it…..

The fighting ceases as what looks to be a meteorite touches down on the surface of the planet. This is no meteorite however, as the most powerful MH in the galaxy has just arrived with a very dangerous Headdliner/Fatima combo…

The reverberation of this MH landing is enough to put all parties on point so much so that it takes up 3 pages. The Zakker braces itself, Sopp dives behind a large ridge and Commander Toccata is trying to figure out what the hell is goind on. Lonn is the only one other than Sopp who seems to have figured it out and proclaims that someone just joined the party. Linsa notes that because of the blast, they have lost their target and Braford knows as well that this is no natural occurance. Sopp is lying on his back behind the ridge and tells AT that the MH’s landing is what caused this disturbance…..

…And at this point we’re greeted to about four pages of what can only be described as Glorious Mecha Fanservice. It’s here that we see the wonder that is Sopp’s latest achievement….The Jagd Mirage has arrived!

Sopp realizes that Paltenon is at the controls due to the ease in handling, shocking AT some as this is another of her big sisters here! Seeing it standing very very tall over the Zakker gives the reader the sheer size of this magnificent machine. Konig is horrified over what he’s seeing in person and Sukat orders all men to fall back as the Jagd fires a very powerul laser at HQ. Sukat contacts HQ, and Barrow orders him to advance: these foes are nothing! Barrow isn’t quite himself as he’s taken a different form. His advisors aren’t quite sure what’s going on. Sopp orders AT and Swe to make a run for it as he’s now protected.

Having gotten the go ahead from Barrow, Sukat orders Braford to fins and capture the Nymph and that he’s the only one who can do it! Braford is happy to have the chance to redeem himself, not realizing that Sukat is playing him like a puppet on a string. He readies himself for this task..but there seems to be something wrong with Kyo….

Looks like the Sopp has some issues with his prototype MH’s as the laser fired by the Jagd fried some of its visual sensors. (Is it possible for Sopp to even make a non buggy MH?! The world can only wonder…XD) We’re greeted to another launching of F-bombs by Paltenon as Shaft tells her to pull it together. The Apache goes to make it’s attack but is stopped before it can even start. The controls on the Apache aren’t working and Braford asks Kyo what’s going on. Kyo, understanding that she will not be able to fight one of Sopp’s MH’s, goes into mental breakdown and passes out. All it takes is one shot from the laser to put the Apache out of commission. Sukat is horrified that Braford let this big chance get away from him, and General Piper is very disgusted that it looks like he just gave up. Looks like Braford is finished in Seable…

Sopp on the other hand, notices that the fatima cockpit ejected from the Apache and rushes to the scene. He sees a black cloud racing to the scene as well and it’s Barrow, firing Braford for doing such a disgraceful job. (Powerful diver like Barrow didn’t just kill him on the spot? Hm….)

Sopp reaches the ejected cockpit, but it’s empty. Kyo is lying on the ground, in very bad shape. She realizes that Sopp is there and apologizes to him for having to fight him. He tells her that she did her best and that he isn’t angry with her. As he’s talking to her, Braford arrives and orders Sopp away from his Fatima, drawing his Spaad. Sopp’s had enough and uses his few abilities to make him stop, mentally crushing him. Braford doesn’t know what’s going on, but drops his Spaad and surrenders to him. Sopp’s concerned about Kyo, telling him that even though she was in no shape to be fighting, she lowered the suspension on the Apache so that the laser would hit a point below its jaw, incapacitating it but not destroying it. She was only concerned about Braford’s life. Braford breaks down and offers his Spaad to Sopp, begging him to kill him. Sopp takes the sword, aknowledging that Braford is indeed dangerous: after all, he was almost killed by him, then he destroyed his Auge. So, saying this, he takes the sword and draws blood on the top of Braford’s head, saying that if he’s going to throw his life away that he would take it. He then tells Braford that he is his one lord, and that his first order is to protect the woman and the nymph he’d been chasing from Barrow. Braford nods and runs off to complete his task. Sopp wonders if Braford wasn’t a little too tame after all….

Braford, his heart lightened by his new orders and “his handsome master”, races off to protect his charges. Aisha, who is trying to get to Sopp, sees him running and uses her super speed to stop him in his tracks. His spaad broken by her attack, she stands over him calling him a dead man. He utters “Ladios”, which stops her for a minute. On a hilltop nearby, she sees Sopp sign languaging telling her that he’s one of theirs. Aisha gets it, sighs, and hands Braford her Spaad, apologizing. He’s been given an Imperial , right? Best to get on with it. He’s puzzled that he’s just been helped by a Mirage Knight and wonders why he’s been given her Spaad. He thinks about it and just as he’s about to put two and two together…he doesn’t. Thinks that all knights serving a lord are given imperial orders from their masters! Happy, he runs off to do his mission. Sopp realizes that he’s just hired another “character”…..

Aisha finally gets to Sopp, crying upon finding him. Sopp’s more curious about the fact that the Jagd is there….and where the LED’s are? He seems to think tha Lachesis was forced into starting the Jagd and starts imagining sordid things like the Mirage Knights Left torturing her with hot wax and cameras. Aisha’s less than amuse, of course.

Elsewhere on the battlefield, hiding, AT and Swe hope that they’re safe. Far from it as a ghostly apparition has found them. It’s the spirit body of Barrow, who wants the Water of Life so bad he’ll kill for it. AT can’t move and Swe floats away from her. Barrow, thinking that victory is his, is about to kill her when she’s snatched out of his clutches by Braford, who arrives just in time. Not in time for the Water of Life, which flies out of the pouch that AT made for it and breaks. The purification abilities of the Water land on Barrow, but the result is not what he wanted. He disolves and vanishes in a cloud. Braford wonders what just escaped, but AT pulls her spaad on him. Swe is a little more forgiving and asks Braford for a handshake for saving them to Braford’s astonishment.

Returning to the main battle, Kersher and Maessen are engaging the very large Jagd Mirage. All three of the Blue armor prepare to attack and Lonn asks for backup. Shaft asks them “who they fucking with?” and Paltenon answers, taking out two of the armors with one sweep of their sword. Maessen is horrified that the upper and lower torso of the Jagd can move independantly! The Jagd then takes on General Piper and finishes off the whole of the Pied Pipers with great ease. One more to go….Sukat can’t compete with this speed and like a knife through butter, the Zakker gets sliced and diced. The last scene with him getting sliced with the Jagd’s sword, and Lovely Linsa getting carved up as well. Girl didn’t deserve it but that’s just part of the game. RIP, Linsa. The only one who survives this skirmish seems to be General piper’s fatima Bild, who is hurt, but not fatally. Wonder why they spare her…

Back on the Seable Mothership, the now spectral Barrow gives the commands to fire buster launchers at the Akd. The Seable divers plead against this, declaring that this would signify an all out war with the AKD. They are in little shape to argue this for long, as Barrow takes control of their minds and does it anyway. Lonn hears that the Buster cannons have fired up but the Schepeltor doesn’t have enough energy to destroy the Mother ship. The Jagd isn’t quick enough to engage a ship in full retreat either. The AKD has a buster cannon of it’s own and it drops out of the sky and into the Schepeltor’s hands. Paltenon contacts Lonn, saying that they can counter thier buster ordinance with some of their own and with her calculations they can be on target. If they’re not, being that they’re in a volcanic zone that it’ll erupt, killing everyone anyway. Not good odds but….

Lonn grabs the cannon and fires ad Seable fires. The detonation is a success and Lonn realizes that she’ll now go down in history for the first successful Buster detonation. On target, now they can advance!