Volume 13

This part of the FSS will concentrate on the missing Fatima Fate, Atropos, but has a roundabout way of getting there.

The first scene comes from the past, the year 2992 of the planet Both and a bit of nastiness. A Sorcerer has made his way to the throne room of Amateratsu no Mikado by killing off her guards and now stands before the throne of the Empress and before the adolescent Ladios Sopp. His name is Bosjathfort and he demands that the Empress step down giving him leadership of the Diver’s Para-guild. The Mikado will have none of it and while aknowledging his ability to make his way to her throne that he is to leave, and now. He refuses, saying that he does not wish to be led by her son Sopp, the “doll prince”. He then kills her attendants closest to her. Empress Mikado tries to send Sopp off so she can handle this upstart, but he remains by her side. Bosjathfort, angered that he’s being ignored destroys her throne with a powerful psychic blast, which she dodges. She attacks but it does no good. He counters, landing a nasty attack on her which hurts her greatly. She doesn’t show it, however and Bosjathsfort prepares to finish her off. As he powers up, he hears a telepathic voice and feels an attack that rips even his soul apart. It’s Sopp, who’s quietly been watching. Empress Mikado tells him to stop, that his powers should not be used to cast someone into another world. To put him out of his misery, she uses her powers to evaporate Bosjathfort from this world. He tells Sopp that he isn’t human as he expires. The Empress then tells those still alive that although he was evil, he was still human and to mourn his passing. She tells Sopp to do the same when she passes…

Back in the present, in Hathuha, Princess Mugumica sees something happening in her crystal: a life force ths size of a planet flashing and dying out…then being reborn. She realizes that what she’s seeing is happening right now in Kastenpo…..

….Which is where Sopp is currently headed. The old guard of the palace is concerned as there are no LED Mirages in the Floating Palace at this moment and most of the high numbered Mirage Knights are also out at the moment. They still have Lachesis there….right? But where is she?

She’s still in the Floating Palace, but has found her way inside a very dark and strange part of it. Realizing that not only is there no gravity where she is, there’s also no lights. While she’s wondering where she is, a small case floats toward her and she hears a voice asking if she could toss it back. She does, then the fellow who caught it realizes that there were 10 special gates that needed to be gone through to get to where they are. He guesses correctly that she’s the one named Fanatic Lachesis as she asks who he is and what she flicked to him. He’s Schaft and she kindly returned to him his hard drugs. He tells her that she’s found herself in Hell Tower and where the exit is. Oh, and could she say hi to his partner on her way out? She notices that a MH that she’s seen before is almost finished when she hears a voice telling her about all the people that this MH will kill when he’s officially born. Paltenon is finishing her work on the newest MH of the AKD, The Jagd Mirage…..We won’t see it in action until the next part of the story though, so you’ll have to wait.

Looks like she found her way out ok as the next scene Lacky is playing with Spector on one of the palace fountains. Spector sees Sopp leaving and wonders what glory and treasure he’ll fins when he gets to where he’s going. Spector gets quiet and says that he had a story to tell Amateratsu but he thinks he’ll forget about it. The story was about a Princess who takes on evil knights and demons from another world. Since he seems to see a lot that the others don’t perhaps he’s not the useless member of the Mirage Corp that everyone makes him out to be.

The old guard of the palace watches Lacky and Spector and can’t help but feel that something really bad is about to happen. There’s Mel Sachier and the former Empress to help but still……

The next part is something of a fairy tale as overheard by Sopp aboard a bus. (With some commentary by him if he doesn’t agree with some of it….) It’s even drawn out in the manga as such. ^_^ This concerns the creation of the Dragons and how they came to be. The title of this little story is called:

The Water Dragon

Whoever’s telling the story is a bit of a smart ass, which makes it a fairly entertaining read. It starts out saying that this tale is set in a time before clocks, machines or anything and that there was a prospering kingdom located near a lake. It also tells that the people had not been at war for ages not like a certian king of these days who feels the need for usless things such as a Floating Palace that waste money. (Sopp, overhearing is NOT amused. XD) This kingdom had a Princess that cared even more about the kingdom than the king and prayed daily. One day, the skies above the kingdom were filled with big ships. On the ships were none other than…SATAN!!! Devils!!! Without so much as a hi, F-U or anything they fired on the kingdom and the people. Panicing, the people ran to the castle as they had nothing to fight them with. The narrator goes on to say that if they had Buster Launchers, they may have had a chance but this is so another story for another day!

The Satan Commander talks to the king that his name is OPQL and says that if he won’t give up the Water of Life that they’d destroy everything in the kingdom. No one in the kingdom knew what in the world they were talking about but they had plenty of regular water…King then asks Satan for more info.(Sopp’s not sure he’s buying this…) Satan isn’t amused and offers something to jog the memory of the King. He gets into his fancy ship and for 3 days lays waste to the countryside. When they were done, half the kingdom was destroyed, lake dried up, something that you’d like to pass on if someone offers it to you. After his fun, Satan tells the King that this Water of Life will gain him the power to have wishes granted and that he wants to use it to conquer the universe. Either way, the king and country are screwed!

Hearing this, the Princess goes to pray. She does it for so long and so fervently that she passes out. A light appears from the spring and a odd being asks her if this is the “strangely formed alien woman who wants to save thie world”. The princess asks the being if it’s God but the being says no, that he’s in search of the Vieqle or the Devils. He then grants her frive small egg shaped stones. These are Klein, wish making stars that are activated by giving up the wisher’s most precious possession. The stones have names: Delta Belun, a blue one, Black is Kallamity Goddarce, Gold is Both, Green is Juno and the white one, Fortune.

Back in the castle, Satan is getting nowhere with the king as he really doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Satan goes back to his ship to destroy the kingdom and look for the Water himself. With the guns aimed at the castle, the princess goes up to the tower, makes her wish and throws the stars. Nothing happend and she realizes that her most proecious possesion is her life. She throws herself off the tower and makes her wish again. With this sacrifice, the stars glowed a very strong light. From that, five very large objects flew toward the castle with great speed…..5 dragons! Blue, Black, Green, Gold, with the largest one being Red and White. The dragons took care of the ships and Satan said curses! Foiled again! Next time, next time!

The kingdom saved, the king prepared for a banquet but realized that the princess was nowhere to be seen. They find her at the bottom of the tower,dead. The white dragon then spoke saying that it was the wish of the princess to dies so the others could be saved. He then said that she’ll live with the dragons in their realm to protect these lands forever along with them. He then gave them a vial of the real water of life and swore to protect the land for eternity.

The fairy tale ended, the scene shifts to the bus, and to a woman telling the story to a small child. The child is enraptured with the dragons but an elderly drunk passenger tells him that the story is nonsense and that there is no such thing as Water of Life. The young boy questions his mother, asking if there really was a Princess and Sopp steps in, saying that it’s all true and that he thought it was a very good story…especially the part of the Water Dragon asking about “the strangely formed ailen woman”. From up in the Heavenly Plain, the Princess watching looks less than amused. The mother asks why Sopp is heading to the countryside where there’s nothing. (not to mention that she wasn’t sure he was even a guy…) Sopp tells her that he’s looking for a woman and for a 90 meter tall “king”.

There’s a bit of explanation about the year, Joker 2992. Colus IV has been born to Queen Emelah. Visitors travel to the Ballance Palace to pay respects to the dead Meight. News to the Para-Guild was the rise of the elderly Sorcerer Di-Barrow and the fact that he was gainin power in Seable, a part of Kastenpo.

Traveling out in the middle of nowhere on Dragon Road, a rather large ship is flying close to the ground to avoid detection. The man aboard is rather rattled about it and Di-Barrow tells him to join the ground forces if he’s not happy. The man is more than happy to do Barrow’s bidding, after all, he should have been killed for letting Kaien go in their previous skirmish. Yup, Sukat has joined in Barrow’s mission. Barrow’s powers are waning so he’s in need of Sukat and his Zakker. Barrow asks if he’s met the second in command yet and Sukat says that he saw a MH Doorey earlier that day. With this, Barrow tells Sukat of his intentions: only Mugumica has noticed what’s been going on and he’s like as few as nessesary catching on. He goes on to say that for a number of years now, Thunder has flown over LED’s airspace, meaning that the greatest of the dragons has met his demise. When a nymph is born, they also have with them at that moment Water of Life as payment for the one raising the Nymph. He wants that Water to regain his full powers and to take over the Para-guild himself as this is what Bosjathsfort wished.

Sopp is still on the bus and observes that this is where the Black Knight ended up gettign killed. He’s worried about Est since that was two years ago and wonders if she’s still looking for the next Black Knight. As he’s thinking, the low flying ship of Barrow’s collides with the bus and it turns over. Sopp’s not surprised and noticed his leg is stuck under a bar on the buse. The ship’s lasers are pointed at the bus to erase all survivors and Sopp takes the young boy and tries to make a break for it. The lasers sever his right leg but manages to escape make it outside with the boy. Sopp lives, but as he asks the boy if he’s ok, he notices that he’s been killed in the escape. Sopp apologizes and Barrow’s ship backs around to make sure no one lived. The new second in command noticed that someone ejected and a Headdliner from the abilities. Sukat doesn’t like the guy on sight but Barrow is amazed at the eyesight of the newcomer. The mercenary spots Sopp hobbling on one foot and aims his laser. Sukat demands to know the newcomer’s name and with a side glance from the Fatima, he introduces himself as Allen Braford, a Mercenary. A shot through the chest takes Sopp out. Braford then takes his leave to work on his MH, the Apache.

The man at the controls of the ship recognizes Braford as a cold mercenary and Sukat proceeds to tell him about a massacre that he was in charge of for his previous Lord and that with his skills, he could have been so much more, had it not been for some…incident. Sukat has no nice words for his Fatima, who has remained cloaked throughout this whole time. Meanwhile, Braford talks with his fatima and he’s remorseful about what he’s doign and what’ he’s become. He’s somewhat ashamed that his fatima calls him master. The fatima, Kyo is more confident that her master will eventually find his way amd says that she’ll continue to follow him. Others have killed to get her because she’s a Ballance masterpiece, but he’s hid her pedigree.

Things are going really REALLY bad for poor Sopp, who’s currently on his back out in the desert. Normally, the pwople of Joker have rejuvination abilities and it should go without saying that Sopp’s are much better than most. Not this time, however, he takes note that rejuvination hasn’t started but that he could rebuild himself out of gasses if he must. The process hasn’t started, even after quite some time laying there and he comes to the realization that he’s the closest to actual death that he’s ever come and likely ever will be. With horror, he comes to the conclusion that if something doesn’t happen soon…that he just might die…. He wonders how this is even possible but we’re going to have to leave him to think about things here for awhile because….

If Sopp was having a really bad day, Mel Sachier is having a far worse one. While keeping her watch, she the object of her concentration is starting to deteriorate before her eyes. Knowing that all hell is about to break lose, she summons all members of the Para-Guild to Hell Tower immediately. The seal that kept those on the Left confined as they are too dangerous to be out all the time has just been broken. This is quickly realized by the Left’s Mirages as they note with glee that they’re free!

It’s tea time in the Floating Palace but Lachesis calls it off and puts those close to her on high alert. Hind Kill, who’s been acting as Amateratsu’s intermediary calls for an emergency situation. He asks about the nearest Mirages on the Right but there are none there other than himself and Lonn. He’s disgusted that Aisha is nowhere to be found and sends out the Gods Knights: the personal security for the Floating Temple. Good thing that there are no LEDs on premesis as the Palace could be leveled easily with one of them. Back inside Hell Tower, the Divers in the Para-Guild try in vain to reinstate the shield. The young Lonn heads out to fight the escaped Knights and discovers the Gods Knights have all been killed. The culprits aren’t hiding and as a matter of fact are enjoying their newfound freedom. Spark and Paison greet Lonn. Lonn commands them to return to Hell Tower but Spark and Paison smell blood on the water and attack. Lonn’s hand is quickly severed by Paison’s long blade and as she trys a decoy attack, she’s quickly taken down. As Paison is about to finish her off, he senses a very strong Knight and calls him out. Greeting hom is Mirage Knight 1, Dogulass Kaien, who challenges them. Realizing that they are no match for number 1, they high tail it. Kaien hands Lonn’s hand back to her to get it reattached but she tells him that Spark and Schaft are headed to kill Lachesis.

They’ve made it pretty far and there’s dead Gods Knights in their wake. Lachesis’ hand maidens offer to protect her. Kaien also heads there but backs down at the last minute. Schaft isn’t the one he’s worried about and he has little answer for those with Diver powers.

Things have only gotten worse in Hell Tower as the Para-Guild has encountered a new problem: the strange beasts rising out of the seal. The vaulted return of the Satans! One of the Vieqle raises a weapon but the blast is diverted by Former Empress Mikado who like the others isn’t familiar with who this enemy is. She tells them to make a run for it but they’re frozen in fear. Coming up from the center of the seal are the ones that Mikado calls The Omnipotence. (For all practical purposes, this is the REAL Satan commander.) He looks on and steals the souls of the Divers who have been trying to stop them. Even the former empress is powerless! MH’s are also powerless against this foe: one of the few MH in the Floating Palace is the Blood Temple and as it makes an attack, all power is drained from the suit. Is there nothing that can stop the Floating Temple from being destroyed?! The Omnipotence looks outside as an energy blast breaks through the walls of Hell Tower. This this single energy blast, the seal is restored as well as the power to the Floating Palace. Outside sitting on the roof is none other than the Feather Dragon, who has given a helping hand.

In the throne room, Schaft holds up the dead bodies of the hand maidens, who were no match. Zoom stands next to him and tells him not to underestimate the one standin before them. Lachesis tells them very calmly to return to their tower or be killed. Zoom doesn’t like her attitude and attacks. Lachesis is far too good for the likes of them and makes quick work of this battle using some high level attacks to Schaft’s amazement. Zoom has enough and launches her most powerful attack, one that will blow up the Palace. Before she does, both herself and Schaft are drawn into what looks like a summon: the closest explanation that I can give is that she looks like the Hindu Goddess Kali, Being of destruction. Lachesis is very scared as she wasn’t the one who summoned her. Just that quickly, the vision vanishes.

The others who escaped Hell Tower have seen the whole thing and comment on it. Most amused is Prince Sarion, leader of those in Hell Tower. Schaft, amazed that he just got his ass kicked royally re-pledges his loyalty to Lachesis to end this book.