Volume 11

This chapter starts on the planet Addler, and a civil war. A gruff looking fellow and his fatima are taking a break in their Mortarheadd, the Feedorah when they get a series of missions. The Fatima’s name is Salome…and the Headdliner is the Original Sword Sage, Deimos Hierarchy. He’s not too enthused at the choice of missions: asking Salome why they’re even being called for such garbage. She reminds him that the reason they’re here is because her Master had said that he was bored and was looking to keep his skills sharp. One of the missions is to destroy an “artificial life” factory and he chooses this one. Annoyed at his options, he jumps out of the cockpit to take a leak. He asks why Salome is joining him and she says that she had to as well. Deimos then comments that “This is a piss poor way for this chapter with the same name as the whole thing” should start, with him and his fatima relieving themselves in the wastelands. Can’t say I blame him for thinking this way.

The scene shifts to one of the cities in the war zone, St. Lo. While the citizens evacuate, a woman asks a pretty young woman for something to feed her crying child. The woman snaps on her, asking her why the people didn’t watch their governments better and try to put a stop to things before there was a need for war. She calms down, and finds some snacks in her purse for the child, then leaves. She comments on how stupid humans are, making you wonder if she really is one of them. The miliary leaves and the young woman checks her map, noting that there’s a factory up ahead and possibly water.

The sight that greets her there has her is more than she can take, and she drops down in horror: bodies are stacked in large piles, girls, women, infants in capsules. This is the remnants of a fatima factory, and they have all been killed. From a vehicle, a man with dark hair and a long haired woman arrive. The man is saddened that he’s arrived too late, before he could stop them. He goes to grab a flamethrower and incinerate the bodies before those with ill intentions arrive and the woman says that she’ll do it herself. The younger woman looks on, and the man, a young Chrome ballance realizes that this is the first time she’s seen a live Fatima. She wonders at the woman with the flamethrower, as she doesn’t display a fatima’s usual temperance and submissive attitude. Ballance speaks on those that would run such a place: not wanting the enemy to have the factory and killing off all the fatimas with no reason. The woman snaps at him, saying that there’s other life forms on the planet that have also been killed due to the follies of war: plants, animals. Ballance is amazed that there’s someone left who thinks on those lines.

The enemy troops have spotted the smoke from the incineration, and rush to check it out. Ballance and the Fatima notices this, and the fatima offers to go battle them. She splits into 4, to the amazement of the woman watching. She easily takes care of the troops with using Headdliner skills, and Ballance tells the woman that this one has not been subjected to mind control. He introduces himself as Chrome Ballance and the Fatima as Fatima Fates Queen, superior to his previous creations and his first Masterpiece. He then asks the woman her name…but she has a hard time remembering. Eventually, she remembers that her mother called her Ladios Sopp. Ballance offers to take the girl to the border, but before that can happen, they are interupted by a Mortarheadd that cuts them off with Teleport…

Queen grabs the car, but they are cut off again. Sopp recognizes the Mortarheadd, and the Headdliner steps out. Ballance hands Queen the Spaad, and she uses her Illusion technique to catch the headdliner, Deimos, off guard. Not for too long as he has an illusion technique of his own. He takes her down with eight blows, then scolds Ballance for getting his fatima to do his dirty work. Salome gets out of the Feedorah, asking Deimos not to kill Ballance, which he has no intention of doing. He’s more amazed at a Fatima knowing headdliner techniques. Sopp then grabs the spaad and launches a powerful psychic attack, which Deimos is unable to dodge. He’s just stunned, and launches an Echo Blade, saying that if Sopp can parry it, he’ll make her a sword sage. Not an easy feat, but she does and Deimos salutes her skill, saying that they call it off for now. Salome waves at the Doctor, then they leave, Deimos satisfied that he’s met a swordsperson that is his equal. By this time, Ballance is wondering who the hell Sopp really is..getting an inkling as to she may be…but it is Queen who figures things out, getting a vision of the future. When she opens her eyes, she is before a Mortarheadd of unmistakable beauty…and Kallen is standing on it. Future’s Fortune.

The second half of this book takes place in a universe far away from the one that the main story is set in…and a great deal of time away from the current storyline. The city where this starts out in is Taika and a great battle is about to break through to the palace. The people who this world belongs to are obviously alien in appearence and the army that is about to overtake the city are riding on large flying beasts. In the palace, the people bid the leaders to flee but their leader is deep in prayer and is not to be disturbed, even if the palace falls.

In the prayer room, a young virgin prays for the safety of her people. As she prays, the barrier surrounding the city is shattered and a great demom, Lucifer, rises up to mock her as well as ask for her virginity. She launches an attack at the giant monster, but to no avail. He again asks her to be his bride and she utters a final prayer. In answer, a blast of light kills the creature to her amazement and those of her people. An apparition appears and tells her that this war will rage for 40,000 years…and that it will be ended by his daughter: they must be patient until this happens. The virgin calls him God but he says that he is not hers but from the Milky Way, where her descendents will live eventually. This is the final form of Amateratsu, and he asks the virgin’s name. She calls herself Silvis Vinis and tells him that they will do their best to make sure his daughter will be welcomed.

At this point, the story jumps those years to the year 7777: the year that Amateratsu is to be united with Lachesis. The people of Taika have now evolved and are capable of interplanetary travel. The war however is still going on and a warship from Taika is now traveling a part of space where no light can even escape en route to their main planet. The name of the ship? The Vinus.

In this void where nothing is said to exist, a distress signal is heard where none should be able to be sent. The Taikans on the ship call this place The Witch’s Forest where people are said to go insane. The main commander goes to check it out and some telepathic Super Sapiens who have joined them in their battle offer their aid. The Taikans on board aren’t crazy about them but aknowledge that there are things that even they can’t do. The commander’s name is Rogner and it’s sort of implied that he might be the same Rogner who is the Mirage Knight. (Not surprising since Rogner is immortal like Amateratsu…)

The signal that they’re getting is coming from a peculiar object, drifting in the void. The super humans, or Quasars as they are called go out and take a look at the large object. It appears to be part of a Mortarheadd, although the Quasarians have no knowledge of such an object. The Ruler of Taika asks them to bring back the object, and they do although puzzled by it. On what appears to be the heavenly plane, Silvis declares that Taika will be saved, to the jubilation of the soldiers who died to protect it. She then hopes that Amateratsu’s meaning of salvation means the same as hers…

Object on hand, the Taikans and Quasarians get a better look at this large gold coffin. The navigator of the spaceship that retrieved it tells the others that the writing on the coffin is in telepathic script and that it holds the Daughter from Fortune. With this, they go to open it, but hear a voice telling them not to. They belive it to be haunted but the woman inside is far from dead. She introduces herself as the Daughter of Fortune, Kallen, and thanks them for building the Vinus to recieve her. With this, the war will soon be over.

Shifting back to Joker and to the present, young mirage knight Lonn is walking with Amateratsu when she notices some grafitti underneath the symbol of the AKD…a cross and a circle, that was carved by Lachesis. Amateratsu can’t place where he’s seen this before, but remembers. Lonn asks if she should have the stone replaced, but Amateratsu tells her to leave it and that he’d tell her about it more later.

After this, there’s a small scene on the Heavenly Plane, where Amateratsu’s mother is speaking to a new guest, who’s been pouring over the library there. The guest is Colus III, who waxes on the reasons why humanity goes to war in the first place. He’s come up with some conclusions, and Amateratsu’s mother fills in the blanks for him, that people use the name of God as a reason to wage wars, when in reality they are started by people in a bid to become their own gods. Colus agrees but one thing seems to bother him: “humanity only knows himself in the beginning and the end.” Meaning that one has all the answers at birth and during death: the rest of the time the answers and directions become fuzzy and are blurred.

The scene shifts to Delta Belun and the Floating Palace where some of the Mirages who were on Juno are now returning: Landwan Spacorn among them. He is greeted by his Fatima Tisphone and Hind Kill, who comments on his return to a more humanoid form. He wonders where the Emperor has gone but then realizes that this is a special day.

In another part of the Floating Palace, Rogner is busy with some paperwork and has been interupted by Mell Sacheir, another of the Mirage’s Divers. She’s concerned about the rogue Mortarheadd that is taking out experienced Headdliners, and about Aisha. At her feet is what appears to be a young girl, playing with a doll. Her name is Zoom and she is one of the Divers on the Mirage’s Left side. She comments on Kaien’s condition and how she wished that Auxo had died. Sacheir seems concerend about Aisha having left her LED behind but Rogner all but says that she can take care of herself and it’s her fault for going out on her own. While he has no love for Kaien, he doesn’t much care for Zoom’s commentary and tells Sacheir to get her out of his sight. Zoom threatens him but it’s all talk…for now…..

Elsewhere on the Palace grounds, Lachesis is playing with her favorite playmate, Mirage Knight Spector. She wonders where Sopp has gone and Spector talks also about this being a special day….

…The day that Sopp’s late wife Litra died. as Amateratsu, he goes to her tomb and calls for her. She doesn’t appear and instead his late mother shows up, chastising him for even wanting her after she’d been dead for so long. He has Lachesis, after all. The exchange is far from a pleasant one as he goes through his various forms: Amateratsu, Mell Rince, Sopp, telling her that he learned everything he knows about humanity and “love” from her. That he was born without even a gender. In disgust, she leaves him there, telling him that he needs to aknowledge that Lachesis is really all he has and how deeply she cares for him.

After she leaves him, she pays Lachesis a visit, telling her about some about the Dragons and giving her full powers of the Amateratsu household.

Finally, following this, Sopp pays a visit to an old friend who is bad off: Chrome Ballance. He is greeted by the Fatima Toki, who is taking care of him in his final hours. Ballance, while frail is happy that he paid him a final visit and talks of Kaien dropping off his newly adopted daughter Meeth so that she might get a formal education using his household as her home. Ballance thanks Sopp for his friendship and gives him some observations that he’s had of him over the years via study: Sopp’s dna is different from any known life form including the Dragons, who he had spoken with on the topic. He came to the conclusion that Sopp is what is called a Perfect Life form.

Ballance also has some parting gifts for Sopp: the blueprint for a large ship, The Will, that Lachesis had begged him to design. He also hands over Masterpiece Fatima # 42, a replica of Sopp, Upandora Lime. Still in his capsule, he bids Sopp do with him as he saw fit. Breathing his last, Sopp attempts to use his powers to save Ballance but is stopped: saying that his powers should never be used for such. The book ends with Sopp sadly leaving and his mother, who is watching, observing that for the first time in his life, he truely knows what saddness is…