Volume 1

The manga opens in a desolate locale with a nasty storm brewing. A small house appears with a grandfather and grandson talking about the weather…when they hear a battle off in the nears distance: the end of a war. The grandson is at first excited…until a large shield crashes through the roof of the house. The grandfather muses that the reward for returning it to the A.K.D. would feed them for years, and wonders about the Knights fighting this lonely battle in a desolate place.

The scene then skips to the knights themselves, fighting to end this war for good. For the A.K.D, is a young knight, Karrer Cytharis and Teata, his Fatima. Opposing them is the 5th Black Knight, Grard Syndmian and the Fatima Est, in the legendary Black Knight. At this time, the A.K.D was pushing to unite all the planets in the Joker Galaxy, Juno and the Colus dynasty being the last holdouts. This is an intense battle, lasting over 65 hours. Both knights and fatimas survey the damage on their suits from the extended skirmish, realizing that both are almost out of fuel. Karrer, realizing that he’s carrying more weight than the Vhatsu, orders Teata to drop all unnessesary weaponry, spent oil and the like. He then makes a final push to defeat the Black Knight. Grard, realizing that he’s in for a fight, also makes a final push, but the LED Mirage’s lasers prove to be fatal. Defeated and dying, he asks the young knight’s name bids him to be off before the storm finishes them off. Karrer apologizes, then leaves with Teata.

Grard, realizing that he will not make it, calls Est to him and asks her to find another Master before breathing his last. He also tells her that Clotho the Junchoon will rise again one day. Est however, will hear nothing of this, telling the Vhatshu that neither of them will battle again. She gets in the cockpit and rests, the dust from the storm covering them both up.

Back at the Floating Temple, palace of the A.K.D, a messenger tells Amateratsu that the Colus dynasty has now fallen and that everything has now been united under the A.K.D. While he’s happy, Amateratsu expresses sadness to Atropos over all that he’s lost, including Lachesis.

And this is considered the END of the story! It then begins formally…

The story then skips to a vast number of years into the past. The setting is a laboratory, where a young lady is waking from a long slumber. The last of Chrome Ballance’s Fatimas, #44 Lachesis, has come of age. Chrome is a little beside himeslf, wondering how he could have done something to his dear daughter. Lachesis speaks, reassuring him that he’s made the right decision and that she has no regrets for what she asked of him. There is not much time to prepare her for the upcoming Fatima Debut, and Ballance says there is much to tell her before her Prince arrives…

To the Floating Temple itself. Amateratsu has decided to go someplace and that he’ll take “that thing” with him just in case. Aisha Condante looks on in surprise.

The next scene is something crashing to the planet’s surface, and depositing a disgusted Sopp, who can’t believe the thing died on him again. While he’s wishing he brought along something more useful, a Mortarheadd carrier pulls up and a lecherous person asks the “desert princess” if she could use a lift. xD

…Only to find out that Sopp is really a he. (This is the running gag of the story: Sopp gets hit on by more guys than a few and although he seems to hate it, he does use it to his advantage on more than one occasion.) Can’t say that you could blame him as Sopp has long blonde hair, a rather feminine build and wears has also been seen in heels. An easy mistake.

The knight that picks him up introduces himself as Voards Vieward, knight of Trun, who’s in town to make sure that the upcoming Fatima Debut goes without a hitch. Of course, the first thing he does is hit on Sopp, before saying that he’s joking. (Riiight!) Voards recognizes Sopp’s name, but can’t place where he’s from. At any rate, he drops him off right before the city of Bastogne.

It then goes on to talk of the Fatima Debut: Fatimas are clasified as “quasi-robots” that are designed to have some human emotions, but not the ability to overthrow their masters or think to leave them. While wars were fought over the finest Fatima, the debut was created to end those.

Sopp is dropped off at the Ballance Castle, and enters to meet the master of the house. Once inside, Ballance playfully scolds Sopp on being dirty, to which Sopp complains about testing gone awry. Afer this exchange, Ballance speaks on why he asked Sopp to come: to stop the new leader of the land of Rent, where Bastogne is the capital. The Grand Duke Juba is hosting the Debut, and if the Fatimas don’t find anyone worthy of calling Master, they revert to his care. Wouldn’t be an issue were he not a pervert who has a thing for Fatimas. Chrome doesn’t want this to happen, and asks Sopp to seek employment with Juba and try to sop him. He then goes on to say that while most Fatimas are subjected to mind control, Lachesis, Clotho and Atropos alone have not. Not sure what to expect, Sopp departs for the Debut.

While en route, he remembers the words of a much younger Lachesis, who only wants Sopp to be her master. On the way, he sees the Bell Creal on its way too, carrying the Mirage Knights and “Amateratsu.”.

Arriving at the city, it’s not really much of an issue getting into the Duke’s Mansion. Juba is less than happy to hear that Sopp is there now of all times, but meets with him. Impressed by the sheer good looks of Sopp, he hires him on the spot. Sopp gets down to work, Juba’s advisor speaks about Viewlard snooping around. Juba is not impressed, saying he has no power in his country.

As the debut draws near, Sopp runs into Voards again, who apologizes for not recognizing him. Sopp picks on him for not dressing up and Voards re-iterates the fact that Juba is a serious pervert. Noticing all the luminaries in attendance, a fight breaks out, to be broken up by Amateratsu. (Voards just wants to watch. xD) Voards notes that Amateratsu is surrounded by four people in cloaks with horned masks…the Mirage Knights. In attendance are Landwand Spacorn, Lie Ex, Poesche Nomien and Nu Suoad Graphight. Sopp is impressed with his knowledge, to which he says he’s simply a Royals freak. He then offers to show Sopp his Mortarheadd. (It’s a frankensuit that Sopp picks apart right away.) Before they can do more, the call of a Fatima Escape is called: Clotho has just jumped the city walls.