• 1/20 Robot Soldier (Laputa: Castle in the Sky)

    This kit was actually finished in 2013, but I took a break from the hobby so the pictures didn’t get taken until 2 years later. The plan is to turn the robot into a diorama with old plant growth. Mr. Surfacer 1000, TS-1 Red Brown, X-10 Gun Metal Completed on: September 2015

  • 1/144 RG Launcher / Sword Strike Gundam

    Received from a kind stranger through the first Christmas gift exchange on reddit r/Gunpla. A great addition to the original RG Aile Strike. I’d love to see the P202QX IWSP and AQM/E-X04 Gunbarrel in RG format. Testors Black enamel, decals, Future polish, Mr. Top Coat Completed on: December 2012  

  • 1/20 Ohmu LED lighted eyes (Nausicaä)

    I wanted a realistic looking Ohmu with blue eyes and red LEDs bright enough to shine through the blue paint. The Bandai Nausicaa kits were all retooled from the old Tsukuda Hobby models. The Ohmu’s eyes were originally clear domes, but Bandai molded pegs under the arch. These made the LED lights a bit dimmer because …

  • 1/144 LED Mirage Sarion ver.

    This is the LED Mirage piloted by Sarion, a royal of the Amaterasu family and a prince of Grees. The primary difference can be seen in the design of the head crest. The kit also comes with a Colus ver. shield and parts to make a normal LED Mirage, so it’s kind of like a …